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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music from the 1860s, and Music Now with the SFA Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

The Stone Fort Museum will celebrate music old and new at 1 p.m., Friday, May 5 with our first pop-up concert. The SFA Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, directed by Dr. Jorge Salas, will play favorites like the Yellow Rose of Texas and Desperado

Before and after the performance, check out images of sheet music for the late 1800s in East Texas, including America's lullaby, Put Me in My Little Bed and the favorite, Glow-Worm! Click on the audio file links below to hear original recordings of sheet music found in the Steen Library East Texas Research Center on the SFA Campus. 

Images: Selected Sheet Music dating from 1850 - 1907
Steen Library East Texas Research Center Collections
Howe-Piper Family Papers, 1850 - 1978 

Audio Files: Library of Congress, National Jukebox
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"The Glow-Worm (Gluhwurmchen)," music: Paul Linke.

Audio File: The Glow-Worm

"La Paloma," music: Yradier, err. Sigfrid Stenhammer. 1901.

 "Over the Waves (Waltzes)," music: Juventino Rosas [1903].

Audio File: Over the Waves

 "Silver Threads Among the Gold," music: H. P. Danks; lyrics: Eben E. Rexford. 1901 [1873].

Audio File: Silver Threads Among the Gold

 "The Rosary (Le Chapelet; Der Rosenkranz)," music: Ethelbert Nevin; lyrics: Robert Cameron Rogers (English), Isadore Mar tinez (French), Thomas Baker (German). 1900.

Audio File: The Rosary

"Violets (Morgens seed' ich dir die Veilchen)," music: Ellen Wright; lyrics: Julian Fane (English), H. Heine (German). 1900.

Audio File: Violets

 "Absent," music: John W. Metcalf; lyrics: Catherine Young Glen. 1899.

Audio File: Absent

 "El Capitan (March)," music: John Philip Sousa. 1896 [1897].

Audio File: El Capitan

 "Put Me in My Little Bed," music: C. A. White; lyrics: Dexter Smith. 1870.

Audio File: Put Me in My Little Bed (fourth tune in medley)

"Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer," music: William Vincent Wallace; lyrics: anon. 1868.